2024年4月26日式典祝宴, 例会,














京都洛東ロータリークラブをよろしくお願 いします。\(^-^)/The 1692nd regular meeting was held at the Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto East Wing Aoi Dian.


Today’s regular meeting is an evening meeting with our friendship club, Dou Liu Bei RC of Taiwan.

The meeting started with the Rotary song “We are friends”, followed by a welcome address by President Araki and a welcome address by President Whisky of Douloupita RC. There was an exchange of gifts from Kyoto Rakuto and Doulokbuk RC, a secretary’s report, a meal, and committee reports.


Today is Super Thirds Day, so it was a good meeting for the members and a good opportunity to meet and exchange with the members of Douloupita RC in Taiwan. The meal was a buffet style, and we are working on various challenges and adjustments such as web-based attendance management in order to review food loss in the spirit of SDGs.


Special meeting of the Board of Directors for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year before the regular meeting

After the meeting, the after-party was held at Moonlight.


Let’s have a good laugh today 🎵.



Please take care of Kyoto Rakuto Rotary Club. Thank you very much!